Big kids educational strategy games online. Learn to win with sokoban, 3D tetris, warp and VM flyer.
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Sokoban, a puzzle strategy educational game Sokoban 3 72 KB
This is another sokoban version with better graphics and innocent appearance, but with big demands for logical thought. A good educational puzzle. When you finish with these 50 levels continue with those of Sokoban 2 and Sokoban 1.
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Warp, speed and coordination game Warp 1.5 212 KB
Try the game Warp, and then come back here and play the version 1.5 of this coordination, shooting and fast moving war game; feel like playing old console games. Avoid your tank to collide and advance to more difficult and entertaining levels.
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Tetris like educational blocks in 3D Wissetris 3D 31 KB
A free educational 3D version of the classic Tetris game. Use more complex forms of blocks to complete color lines. Learn to manage vertical rotations besides the typical horizontal ones.
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Free Online Spaceshp Games VM Spaceship Flyer 97 KB
In this sort of flight simulator the player must drive his ship trough VML tubes in space. The same author and programmers develop a more advanced space game that you can play here: Space Masters.
Flight Simulator  

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