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Yes, one more flavor of the famous arcade game Tetris. How to play a Tetris game is simple and well known: The players move and rotate pieces of different shape in such a way so as to complete one or more horizontal lines. Once the line is completed it will disappear.

The purpose of Tetrollapse or Tetris game is not allowing the pieces to over-fill the board. But Tetrollapse has changed the aim in this variant of the popular game! You should not only escape the over-filling of the board but also “sort out” the figures which are on the board. If the figure disappears you will pass to the next Tetris level where new figures are waiting for you.

Tetrominoes, shapes composed of 4 blocks each, are falling down the screen, and one has to direct them so they will fit to the wall on the bottom. When a line of blocks has no gaps, it is complete and disappears.

The maximum number of lines that can be completed simultaneously is 4, since at least one block is required per line. This can only be achieved with the "I" tetromino: doing this is known as a "tetris".

In order to master the game, the technique of sliding a piece just before it sets is invaluable, as well as using both rotation buttons, when available.

Tetris is a video game invented by Alexey Pajitnov whilst he was working for the Academy of Sciences in Moscow; inspired by a pentominoes game he had purchased earlier.

Tetris has been embroiled in a strangely large number of legal battles since its inception. In June 1985, Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris on an Electronica 60 while working for the Academy of Sciences in Moscow. He created it at their Computer Center, and Vadim Gerasimov ported it to the IBM PC.

By 1988, the Soviet government began to market the rights to Tetris through an organization called Elektronorgtechnica, or "Elorg" for short.
By 1989, half a dozen different companies claimed rights to create and distribute the Tetris software for home computers, game consoles, and handheld systems. Elorg, meanwhile, held that none of the companies were legally entitled to produce an arcade version.

Any other versions are unauthorized, but as of 2002, the legality of unauthorized tetramino games that do not use the Tetris name has not been decided in court.


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