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Helicopter Games Helicopter Game  
Helicopter belongs to the category of addictive games where "Less is more". Control gravity with the mouse and frustration with your mind in this simple video game online. Just avoid crashing and you will be fine.
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Airplane Flight Airplane Flight  
A Flash mini game where the mouse clicks controls gravity, the airplane altitude, and the ability to follow the path of red bubbles. The simulation game gets faster and faster as your ability increases.
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Sports Game Sports Smash 109 KB
Select and swap balls of various sports including baseball, football, soccer, voleyball - and align at least three balls of the same sport to eliminate them. The game lasts 5 minutes to compete and get the best Smashing Balls score.
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Arcade Game for One Player Golf Club  
Excellent strategy board game in flash; compete against the computer or against your friends (or enemies) and learn to conquer and win. A resemblance of the classic Chinese game Go.
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