Torpedo Alley - A Submarine War Adventure
( Size 220k)

Click on the game to activate it.
Direct your submarine with the cursor and lock your cross-hairs on the game targets, danger under the sea awaits. Click and shoot torpedoes upwards with the left mouse button. Shoot torpedoes horizontally with the space bar to destroy red enemy submarines. Since it takes your crew some time to reload the torpedo tubes, you are allowed a maximum of one torpedo at a time in each direction..

Do not shoot the Red Cross ships, they are friends in this war game and It's a violation of international law.

The objective is to sink the 10 enemy cargo vessels. Test your maneuvering ability and skill to avoid hostile torpedo fire, exploding depth charges, magnetic mines.

Start the game with three submarines to complete the mission. Your submarine has a limited supply of fuel and torpedoes, another submarine friend appears accompanied of a dolphin with provisions, get in contact with dolphin Alley resupply pack to recharge your submarine vessel, your only hope for survival in this free submarine war video game.

Author: Jean-Edward R. Hobbs - View credits in the video game screen

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