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If you like the challenge of thinking java games thou will like MasterMind. The objective of this logical thinking game is to guess the sequence of four colored pegs the computer has selected at random from the circled colors in the right field (crack the hidden code).

- The first step is to select the colors ( click on color ) you want to play with; select any number of colors or 6 colors. Notice the white circumference around the selected colors. The more colors you select for a given memory game, the more difficult would be to break the code (guess the pegs color and sequence).

Click on the Start Button
Tthe computer will randomly select a hidden code for the current Mastermind game.

Making Guesses
- Slect one by one the colors that you think are in the PC selected code: click on the color and fill the bottom line of 4 holes ( click on each hole ). To use a different color, just click a different colored peg from the peg palette -

Click on GO.
the computer will answer in the four holes (square) at the right of your choice with clues to continue.

Using the Clues
This is the interpretation of the computer hints:

___ no peg = nonsuccess
Black Peg = correct color peg in the correct place.
White Peg = correct color peg in the wrong place

There is no relation between the position of the computers clues and the position of your pegs.

You have eight lines or options to test, guess and crack the code of colors and right place of the computer selected pegs. Fill successively and develop your strategy. The game will give you the correct answer in the last line if you do not crack the hidden code before; this would mean that the computer won.

If you are fed up, just click the END button. You can start a new mastermind game with START, or select other java games at

Author: Karl Hornell

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