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As in most card games the objective here is to make as much money $$ as you can. Guess if the following card to be opened is Higher or Lower than the previous one.
You begin with $100 in your account.

- Click on < to decrease bet $10
- Click on
< < to decrease bet $100
- Click on
> to increase bet $10
- Click on
> > to increase bet $100
- Click on
OK to continue when you are happy with the amount you wish to bet..

- Click on HIGHER if you think that the card that follows is HIGHER .
- Click on
LOWER if it thinks that the letter that follows is LOWER .

- If your choice is incorrect you lose $ and the game finishes. If it is correct the game continues asking if the following card is HIGHER or LOWER.

If you win the round you win 2x your bet, and if you lose the round, you lose your bet.

- Click on HiLo to begin a new game.

The ACE card represents the value 1 or 14, so it is both Higher AND Lower than the rest of the cards in the pack.
Think of it as your lucky card, the joker.

Author Email: Darren Hodges


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